Our DEF product Line:

9.46L Jug

Two jugs per box
Two self venting pour spouts per box
48 boxes per pallet

208L Barrel

Come four barrels per pallet
MicroMatic extraction valve w/ security seal
Plastic wrapped for load security

1040L Tote

Self contained poly bottle in a protective aluminum cage
MicroMatic extraction valve w/ security seal
Bottom extraction valve


Local Bulk Delivery

850-9000L on-site tank, tote or barrel filling capability
Self contained tank and pump with 70' of hose to reach even the most tucked away bulk tanks
Weights and Measures calibrated volume meter w/printer

Long Haul Bulk Delivery

27000L bulker for delivery to the high volume DEF retailers in Western Canada
Fully insulated tank w/ self contained off load pump and digital volume meter and printer