CBluO - About Us

CBluO is a family owned and operated business based in Ponoka, Alberta. Over the years we have tried and succeeded at many different economic ventures, from trucking to excavation to fruit farming. Our involvement in the trucking industry has afforded us with the intimate knowledge and know-how to deal with today's ever increasing regulatory and technological advancements.

Out of this entrepreneurial spirit came the desire to invest the time and energy to produce and market CBLuO Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). A major part of this time and energy is to ensure we are marketing a pure certified product. This certification is provided through the American Petroleum Institute. CBluO DEF is a certified safe product for today's SCR equipped trucking and off-road industries.

Today's high tech diesel engines are required to meet very stringent exhaust regulations as mandated by the EPA and Environment Canada. SCR technology, which uses DEF, is used in most new highway and off-road diesel engines today. Learn more about how SCR works by reading our How SCR works with CBLuO DEF web page.

We are currently providing our growing customer base with high quality CBluO DEF and also a full line of DEF handling and transferring options. CBluO utilize's the MicroMatic "Closed, Sealed & Secured" system. We believe this is the best way to protect the end user's valuable equipment from the damaging effects of outside contamination. More can be learned about the MicroMatic "Closed, Sealed & Secured" system on our How SCR works with CBLuO DEF web page.

For any further questions or comments and to become one of our valued and ever growing customers contact any one of us. Contact information can be found on our Contact CBluO webpage.